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The Stone Institute, St. Charles, Missouri (Certified Reflexologist)
Board Certified Reflexologist through the Natural Therapies Certification Board
Member of the International Reflexology Association
Member of the Reflexology Association of America
Member of the International Council of Reflexologists

Member of the Reflexology Association of Missouri (Board member : Secretary 2009-2010)

Courses: Therapeutic Reflexology, CPR & First Aid, Infant Massage, Hot Stone Massage
  I continue my personal education and development thru not only self-education and study but also by attending seminars, courses and workshops by other reflexologists and massage therapists in the field. In addition, as a requirement to maintain my Certified Reflexologist designation I am required to maintain continuing education credits (CEU’s)

Q.  What are your appointment hours?
A.  Currently, sessions are By Appointment Only Monday thru Friday 9 am – 8 pm and Saturday 9 am – 3 pm.  Special appointment times may be available outside normal business hours upon request but cannot be guaranteed. Please contact AQS in advance for special consideration. Closed on Sundays for family time.

Q. Are you insured for my safety?
A.  Anyone who claims to be professional should carry a liability insurance policy.  I carry liability insurance through a group policy as a member of the International Reflexology Association.

Q. Is Reflexology new?
A.  The idea behind reflexology is not new - in fact, the oldest evidence is an ancient Egyptian papyrus wall scene from the tomb of Ankhmahor dated approximately 2500 B.C. as pictured to the right.
  It appears to depict two adults applying manual therapy to the hand of one and the foot of another, in positions that could be used in reflexology today.  The Papyrus Institute in Cairo translated the hieroglyph above the pictograph to read:

"Do not let it be painful," says one of the patients.
"I do as you please" an attendant replies.
Q. Can Reflexology make a condition worse?
A.  Reflexology can do no harm although please remember that Reflexology is NOT recommended for the following conditions:
1) Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) as it could cause the blood clot to begin circulating throughout the body and could potentially cause serious or life threatening complications.
2) Transplant patients-steroids are given to patients to suppress the immune system to prevent rejection of the organ. Reflexology will stimulate the immune system and could possibly Contradict medical treatment.
3) Diabetes.  If insulin is being given, treatment can activate the pancreas causing the level of insulin given to be reduced.
4) First Trimester Pregnancy-Mothers-to-be should avoid reflexology during this time to avoid the chance of miscarriage or spontaneous abortion.
5) Any Mother-to-be experiencing a troubled pregnancy or Pre-eclampsia should avoid reflexology and if currently experiencing symptoms contact your OB/GYN or call 911 immediately.
6) Patients who have been advised by their treating physician to temporarily cease reflexology treatment (for example, MRSA Staph Infection, cellulitis (an acute infection which causes swelling, redness, heat, pain, malaise, fever and headaches), contagious rashes (poison ivy, poison oak, measles, chicken pox, mumps) and other illnesses under medical treatment)
7) Severe ankle and foot edema which may need to be evaluated and treated by a physician
a)      May be related to kidney disease
b)      May be related to congestive heart failure
  However caution should be taken under the following conditions during reflexology treatments:
1)      Varicose veins
2)      Fractures
3)      Recent Surgery
4)      Sprain or strain
5)      Inflamed joints (i.e. Rheumatoid Arthritis)
6)      Open Wounds
7)      Painful conditions
         a)      Gout
         b)      Ingrown toenail
         c)       Corns
  8)      Infectious conditions – Fungus
         a)      Toenail Fungus
         b)      Athletes Foot
  Other restrictions are those determined by the receiver's pain threshold and their personal reactions to touch and massage. Generally speaking, the elderly with no specific complaints, children and babies tend to be very receptive to therapeutic touch and stimuli and become relaxed more quickly.
Since no two people are the same what may benefit one individual may not have the same result for another. Reflexology is of multiple benefit as it reaches the receiver on several possible levels; physical, mental and spiritual.

Q. Do you abide by any Code of Ethics?
A.  Absolutely! As a member in good standing with the International Reflexology Association, for example, I am bound to adhere to the following Code of Ethics set by the Board of Directors. For your consideration and protection I have provided them below:
1. It is with determination and dedication that the Association and its members achieve the goal of maintaining a standard of excellence in all that we do.
2. Our clients' well being shall always come first.
3. We shall be dedicated to providing competent service with respect, compassion and honesty for everyone seeking our holistic health treatments and services.
4. We shall deal with others as we ourselves wish to be dealt with.
5. We shall acknowledge our limitations and shall not attempt to diagnose bodily maladies but shall endeavor to work with all health care professionals to provide appropriate care in the best interest of the individual client.
6. We shall recognize the responsibility to comply with the requirements of all governing laws. Willful disobedience to the law shall result in immediate revocation of membership status and all accompanying privileges.
7. Any member failing to abide by the Code of Ethics shall be answerable to the Board of Directors for "Peer Review."

Q. How many treatments will I need?
A.  The number of treatments you will need depends on your age and how long you have had a particular condition. Existing conditions and illnesses usually take time to arise and develop so you should not expect to get better overnight. The average client has on average six to eight treatments before significant changes begin taking place. Many people find it beneficial to have regular treatments to sustain good health and wellbeing. Regular maintenance will keep your body in balance and in health condition.
Q. Are there any other services or products you provide?
A.  I am also an Arbonne International representative and generally have products on-hand for immediate purchase. Some items require special ordering but have a quick turn around time.